Wild Heart Font is a timeless sans serif font family with six decorative versions, a dingbat & catchword font, a handy texture file to grunge up your type in Photoshop! You can get retro with the dotted or outlined version, instantly go a little country with a spurred version, or keep it traditional with the simplicity of Wildheart Regular. Use on everything from logos, to greeting cards, to stickers and more!


  • Wildheart Regular (OTF)
  • Wildheart Spur (OTF)
  • Wildheart Dots (OTF)
  • Wildheart Outline (OTF)
  • Wildheart Dots & Spurs (OTF)
  • Wildheart Shadow (OTF)
  • Wildheart Dingbats (OTF)
  • Texture File to grunge up your letters in Photoshop (JPEG)


  • Fonts CONTAIN English Language Support. I’ve included a separate dieresis, grave, acute, circumflex, cedilla & tilde in case you need an accented glyph.
  • You will NEED A GLYPHS PANEL to access the alternates, as they are in blank character slots. You can find a Glyphs panel in programs like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Photoshop CC.
  • Please Note these fonts are hand drawn and vectorized, so they have a natural texture that isn’t 100% smooth. Feel free to try them with your Cricut or Silhouette machine.

Wild Heart Font Preview


Personal Use Only

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