DMCA Policy

FreeDaFonts – DMCA Policy diligently adheres to the stipulations outlined in 17 U.S.C. § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Our commitment entails promptly addressing infringement notifications and undertaking the necessary actions as per the mandates of the DMCA and other pertinent intellectual property legislations.

If you find that your copyrighted content has been featured on or if links leading to your copyrighted material are generated through our search engine, and you seek the removal of this content, it is imperative that you furnish a formal written communication containing the specific details delineated in the subsequent section. It is essential to understand that any misrepresentation of information concerning alleged copyright infringement on our platform, which inaccurately claims infringement on your copyrights, could render you liable for consequential damages, encompassing costs and legal fees. We strongly advise engaging legal counsel from an attorney to navigate this process effectively.

The ensuing components must be comprehensively encompassed within your copyright infringement claim:

  1. Substantiation of the authorized capacity to act on behalf of the copyright proprietor holding an exclusive right purportedly infringed.
  2. Provision of detailed contact information, facilitating seamless communication, including a valid email address.
  3. A comprehensive description of the copyrighted work in question, claimed to have been subjected to infringement. This must include at least one search term that leads to the material within search results.
  4. An affirmation by the complainant, based on genuine belief, that the utilization of the material in question is not sanctioned by the copyright owner, their representative, or the applicable legal provisions.
  5. A statement affirming the accuracy of the information contained in the notification, coupled with a declaration, under penalty of perjury, asserting the complainant’s authorization to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right allegedly infringed.
  6. The notification should bear the signature of the authorized representative acting on behalf of the proprietor of the supposedly infringed exclusive right.

Kindly direct the written notice of infringement to Here.

We kindly request your patience for a processing period of 1-3 business days to facilitate an email response. It is important to note that forwarding your complaint to other entities, such as our Internet Service Provider, will not expedite the processing of your request. Instead, such actions might lead to delayed responsiveness due to the misdirection of the complaint filing process.