Serenity Layered Font is a captivating vintage font that elegantly blends the charm of yesteryears with a contemporary flair. With its distinctive squared appearance, “Serenity” pays homage to the classic typography of vintage eras while embracing modern design sensibilities. This font is a visual journey that invites you to explore the fusion of timeless aesthetics and innovative creativity.

The allure of “Serenity” extends beyond its squared look. With an extensive collection of alternates for each character, this font empowers you to infuse your text with a personalized touch. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the alternates allow you to experiment and create text that resonates uniquely with your design intent.

Language is a universal bridge, and “Serenity” ensures that your message crosses borders effortlessly. Its multi-language support ensures that your words transcend linguistic barriers, enabling you to communicate effectively across cultures and geographies.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there – “Serenity” introduces two additional styles: rounded and extruded. The rounded style adds a softer touch to the font’s character, while the extruded style introduces a dynamic depth that draws the eye. The magic happens when you combine the regular version with the extruded style, effortlessly creating stunning retro 3D designs that capture the essence of nostalgia in a modern context.

“Serenity” isn’t just a font; it’s a toolkit that empowers you to express your creativity in unprecedented ways. From vintage-themed branding to captivating signage, packaging, and more, “Serenity” offers the versatility you need to create designs that transcend time and captivate the imagination. Immerse yourself in the art of design evolution with “Serenity,” and redefine the boundaries of visual storytelling with every stroke of the font.

Serenity features:

  • A full set of uppercase
  • Numbers and punctuation
  • Multilingual language support
  • PUA Encoded Characters
  • OpenType Features
  • +326 Total Glyphs
  • Up to 45 Alternate Characters

Serenity Includes:

  • Serenity Regular (OTF/TTF/WOFF)
  • Serenity Regular Extruded Left (OTF/TTF/WOFF)
  • Serenity Regular Extruded Right (OTF/TTF/WOFF)
  • Serenity Rounded (OTF/TTF/WOFF)
  • Serenity Regular Extruded Left (OTF/TTF/WOFF)
  • Serenity Regular Extruded Right (OTF/TTF/WOFF)

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