British Virgin Font Duo is a simple, modern and minimalist sans-serif typeface paired with classy handwritten font. British virgin brings a touch of casual elegancy and sophistication to branding.

British virgin is a beautiful choice for any creative endeavor, creating elegant, chic, lifestyle design such as logos, title, cover, branding, display and magazine, and more. Let’s we make a beuatiful work with us.


Sans Serif

  • All Caps
  • Numberial and Functional
  • International Multilinggual Support (Á, Â, Ä, À, Å, Ã, Ǎ, Æ, Ç, Ć, Ĉ, Č, Ð, É, Ê, Ë, Ẽ, È, Ě, Ǧ, Í, Î, Ï, Ì, Ĩ, Ń, Ň, Ñ, Ó, Ô, Ö, Ò, Õ, Ø, Œ, Ś, Š, Ú, Û, Ü, Ù, Ý, Ÿ, Ź, Ž, á, â, ä, à, å, ã, ǎ, ç, ć, ĉ, č, é, ê, ë, ẽ, è, ě, ǧ, í, î, ï, ì, ĩ, ń, ň, ñ, ó, ô, ö, ò, õ, ś, š, ú, û, ü, ù, ý, ÿ, ź, ž,)


  • Standar letter A-Z and a-z
  • Numberial and Functional
  • Ligature

File include:

  • British Virgin (sans-serif and script) OTF
  • British Virgin (sans-serif and script) TTF
  • British Virgin (sans-serif and script) WOFF

British Virgin Font Preview


Personal Use Only

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