Gilded Font Neo Vintage 16-Font Family: A Harmonious Fusion of Art Deco Elegance and Contemporary Chic

Step into a world where timeless sophistication meets modern flair with GILDED, a stunning 16-font family that effortlessly marries the opulence of Art Deco design with the fresh vibrancy of today’s trends.

Art Deco Aesthetics Reimagined: GILDED draws inspiration from the Art Deco era, known for its lavish ornamentation, geometric shapes, and unparalleled luxury. Yet, it’s not just a revival; it’s a reinvention. These fonts encapsulate the essence of Art Deco, capturing the spirit of opulence while introducing a contemporary twist that’s perfect for today’s design landscape.

**Neo Vintage Charm: **GILDED embraces the vintage charm of the past and blends it seamlessly with a neo-modern sensibility. Whether you’re designing invitations, branding materials, signage, or digital graphics, these fonts bring an irresistible fusion of the old and the new, creating an alluring and captivating visual experience.

Extra Elements for Boundless Creativity: GILDED goes beyond just fonts. Included in this package are 100 vector aesthetic shapes that complement your designs with graceful accents and 80 Neo Art Deco backgrounds that provide a stunning canvas for your creative endeavors. These elements ensure that your projects stand out and inspire awe.


  • GILDED Font Family – 16 Fonts in OTF Format including 2 Color OTF Fonts

Gilded Font Preview


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