Wilder Font is a handwritten condensed sans serif in uppercase and lowercase. Inspired by this old wooden sign outside Crazy Man Håkan’s cabin that said – and I’m paraphrasing and translating – “When work feels overwhelming, remember that you are going to die”.

I suppose “Galenpannan-Håkan” did this sign with an old wood engraver. And would he have made a typeface out of it – which would’ve surprised me because, well, he was crazy – it probably would look like Wilder. Oh, and Galenpannan-Håkan was a spitting image of Gene Wilder.

Wilder works as a headline and display typeface but could also perform surprisingly well in shorter long-form types.

Wilder has 4 styles:

  • Wilder Regular
  • Wilder Oblique
  • Wilder Bold
  • Wilder Bold Oblique


  • 4 styles
  • OTF, .TTF, .WOF/.WOF2, .EOT-formats
  • Latin support, 300+ glyphs
  • Web fonts.

Wilder Font Preview


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