RNS Camelia Font is a demi–slab display-type family with reversed strokes to achieve an unexpected look and rhythm. Was designed and optimized for use in large sizes. It is inspired by the geometric typefaces of the 1920s and the Egyptians of the 1930s. An emphasis on circular and rectangular shapes gives it a particular identity.

RNS Camelia weights and style included:

  1. Thin
  2. Thin Italic
  3. Light
  4. Light Italic
  5. Regular
  6. Italic
  7. Medium
  8. Medium Italic
  9. Bold
  10. Bold Italic
  11. Extra Bold
  12. Extra Bold Italic
  13. Black
  14. Black Italic


otf / woff / woff2 / eot

RNS Camelia Font Preview


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