Metrisch Font is a new sans serif type family of seven weights plus seven italics uprights in each weight. The typefaces are designed based on traditional geometric construction that has been built with letter sizes wider, the x-heights taller, and the short descender that is almost proportioned with the basic letter shape. Little details added like clean vertical cuts on the terminals and optimized sharp corners make this font smooth and refined looks. It represents the flavor of the most common humanist typefaces style and Grotesk feels.

The weights come from extra light to extra bold suitable to make a display appearance, and the book and medium weights also work well as small/medium text sizes to accompany your design, such as editorial fashion magazine, solid headline, website heading, poster, advertising, logo, signage, etc

Also, Metrisch type-family is fully loaded with OpenType features such as some stylistic alternates, case-sensitive forms, fractions, small capitals, and other most common numerals features such as super & subscript, tabular & old style figures, numerator-denominator, and has more extended Latin diacritics characters.


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