Lunar Y2K Font Retro Groovy Font. Introducing Lunar, a charismatic font that seamlessly fuses playfulness with a touch of nostalgia. This unique typeface falls under the playful retro display category, offering not just one, but two distinctive personalities in its regular and outline versions.

Whether you choose the regular or outline version, Lunar is your canvas for playful experimentation. Its dual personalities cater to a wide range of design applications, from retro-inspired posters to vintage-themed branding, and everything in between.

Embrace the best of both worlds with Lunar – a font that effortlessly combines retro charm with a contemporary twist. This font is your invitation to explore a realm where playfulness meets sophistication, and where your creativity knows no bounds.

Features :

  • Regular & Outline
  • Ligatures & Alternates
  • Letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation
  • Multilingual Support

Lunar Y2K Font Preview


Personal Use Only

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