Iconic Font Sans Font Family is a rounded condensed sans serif typeface designed by Andrea Tartarelli together with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro at Zetafonts. It’s a multi-purpose workhorse family designed for clear and effective editorial, interface and information design with minimum usage of space.

The soft, rounded shapes are all derived from basic circular geometry, but slight humanist touches have been added to make the family look more informal and readable. With his slim, minimal aesthetic, Iconic embodies the spirit of contemporary tech, and the desire for an effortless, natural digital experience.

The extensive range of weights allows both for text and display usage. In body copy Iconic excels in clarity from light to bold with a choice of medium and regular for text appearance fine tuning; in display use it allows endless design expressions with a range that goes from the hairline thin weight to the super-fat heavy, all with matching italics.

To complement the basic, regular shapes of the Iconic family, a Stencil subfamily has been designed with a more aggressive technical look. Perfect for way-finding, branding and interaction design, the six Stencil weights can also be used next to the base family for a rich textural approach to type setting.

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